On the eve of Hurricane Matthew, it looked like those of us in South Florida were in for a nightmare of a storm. But then, it missed us. Boca Raton was left unscathed. We walked outside the next morning and it was like any other day. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for some parts of the U.S. and much of the Caribbean.

Haiti was particularly devastated by the storm, which left untold destruction in its wake. We must do what we can to help people in Haiti who need healthcare, food, and shelter as a result of the hurricane’s destruction.

At Ascend Properties, we are donating through the Frank McKinney Caring House Project, who will be using the funds to provide immediate disaster relief in Haiti.

Since 2003, the Caring House Project has built 23 self-sufficient villages in Haiti that house hundreds of children and their families.

To help those in need throughout Haiti, go to Frank-McKinney.com and donate now.